Purchasing & Leasing Options

Purchasing & Leasing Options

Find out the best purchasing option for your lifestyle and budget demands today with help from the experts at Jaguar of Omaha. Whether you’re interested in leasing or financing, we have all the information you need to make a confident decision. Find out the benefits each has to offer, from mileage limitations and commitment to warranty coverage and overall cost. Our finance department is eager to arrange a loan or lease package you’re comfortable with.

Lease a Jaguar

Jaguar offers several flexible lease terms to help you decide how long to keep your Jaguar for and how often you want to get behind the wheel of a new ride. Leasing is a great opportunity to enjoy a new vehicle performance and the latest technology features without a long-term commitment. Additional benefits of leasing a new Jaguar includes:

  • With a lease, you can choose a new vehicle with the latest technology and features every 24 to 48 months.
  • You may enjoy lower monthly payments and flexible mileage options.
  • Convenient lease-end options: at lease maturity, trade-in your Jaguar for a new one, buy it or select a different vehicle.

Buy a Jaguar

Looking for a long-term investment? Financing empowers you to own your new vehicle. Once you make the final payment, it’s all yours! Plus, financing can help you build equity in your vehicle with every payment. If you want to enjoy all the perks and freedom Jaguar ownership has to offer, buying may be right for you. Additional benefits of buying a new Jaguar includes:

  • Each payment brings you closer to the pride of ownership. The creditor usually holds a security interest on the vehicle until you make your final payment.
  • Unlimited mileage lets you drive where you want without counting miles.
  • Enjoy the full benefit of the trade-in or resale value.

Lease-End Options

Around 90 days prior to your end-of-lease, you should begin to think about what you want to do next. In addition to turning your lease in and walking away after an inspection; you have three options available to you: Get a New Jaguar, Purchase Your Jaguar, or Extend Your Lease. Each option has its advantages, explore all your options below.

Get a New Jaguar

Explore our inventory of new Jaguar models to find the perfect ride for your current lifestyle needs. If you’ve done business with us or any other Jaguar dealer before, you can sign in to your My Account to see all your loyalty offers.

If you decide to get a new Jaguar, you’ll need to arrange a time to turn in your current vehicle when you pick up your new one. See lease turn-in for additional details.

Purchase Your Jaguar

If you’ve fallen in love with your current Jaguar lease, why not keep it? Our financing department is happy to help arrange a payment plan that best suits your needs. And since it’s considered used now, you only need to pay your lease’s depreciated value.

Extend Your Lease

If you are interested in extending your current lease, we offer a wide variety of terms with flexible commitments. Contact us to learn more about flexible lease terms and mileage options that could enable you to continue your current lease hassle-free.


Lease Turn-In

Schedule your complimentary pre-inspection at least 45 days prior to your turn-in date to ensure you receive an appointment that fits your schedule. You may schedule an appointment online or contact Jaguar today.

A pre-inspection is an evaluation of the wear and use on your vehicle so you can anticipate potential lease-end charges. Pre-inspections are completed by an independent inspection company, AutoVIN, and can be arranged at your home, office, or other convenient location. You can review your online condition report about 24 hours after your appointment.

If you do not get a pre-inspection, we will still complete an inspection after you turn-in your vehicle, and you will not have the opportunity to make repairs. Applicable excess wear and use charges will appear on your final Lease-End Bill.


Financing means you’re taking out an auto loan to help you buy whereas leasing is essentially renting your vehicle for a two to three year term.

  • Enjoy the latest technology and features.
  • Warranty coverage over lease term.
  • Possible loyalty incentives.
  • Ability to choose a newer or different model at the end of lease.
  • Mileage limitations.
  • No alterations allowed.
  • Wear and tear may cost you.
  • Not an asset like a financed car.
  • Lease a new Jaguar.
  • Purchase a new Jaguar.
  • Purchase your current Jaguar.

The lease end process refers to the steps you take once your Jaguar’s lease is coming to an end, this includes the following steps:

  1. Schedule your inspection
  2. Review and make possible repairs
  3. Make an appointment
  4. Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement
  5. Pay any lease liability fees/charges
  6. Pay any additional charges
  • Your Jaguar is an asset.
  • No mileage limitation.
  • Long-term savings once it's paid off.
  • Ability to customize and make it your own.
  • Can be sold whenever.
  • Higher monthly payments.
  • Higher down payment.
  • Higher repair costs.
  • Vehicle depreciation.
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